The Best TSA Luggage Locks

We roundup the best TSA locks so if airport security need to check inside your bag they don’t have to cut their way in


Go Travel Combi Cable Locks x2


It’s not just the great price that makes this our winner but the combination of a flexible shank that will work with a wide variety of packs and a solid build from a well known travel brand

1) Sea to Summit Cardkey TSA Lock: £12

If you aren’t one for remembering numbers and carrying around keys is only for caretakers then this lock will be right up your street. Supplied with a credit card and fob sized ‘key’ to open the lock. However lose or damage these and you’ll be needing some bolt cutters. It does feel a bit= like a product that’s been made for no good reason as a key would be more durable and a passcode could be stored or written elsewhere as backup.

On the plus side its very lightweight at only 36 grams and has a large flexible loop which makes it easy to secure all types of zipper. It’s one of the most expensive luggage locks in our test.


Eagle Creek Ultralight TSA Lock

2) Eagle Creek Ultralight TSA Lock: £10

At a teeny tiny 19.5 grams this lock is all about saving weight whilst keeping your kit secure. To save weight the body is made from ABS plastic rather then metal. You could say this makes it easier to break but let’s be honest criminals will cut into your bag if they really want to. (unless they have a Pacsafe pack) So luggage locks are only aimed to detering opportunistic thieves and this will do that just fine.

The shackle is a solid zinc alloy but is relatively small so really aimed at kissing zips designed for locking. Comes in black or the quarry grey shown and is locked via a user settable combination code.


Lifeventure Zipper Lock

3) Lifeventure TSA Zipper Lock £9

The unique ergonomics of this lock is a love/hate thing but what it does do is get the weight down to a mere 47 grams.

The extra long and flexible cable is designed to be able to secure all pack zips including those which aren’t specifically designed to be locked. It’s a super compact lock which feels really robust and the simple black design means it won’t look out of place on any travel or work pack.


Lifeventure TSA Luggage Lock

4) Lifeventure TSA Combination Lock: £9

This simple but stylish lock from Lifeventure comes in four different colourways: green, pink, blue and black. So it’s great for making your luggage stand out on the carousel or ensuring it matches the colourway of your pack.

Made from zinc alloy for strength is comes in at a respectable 73 grams. User settable combination code and a hardened steel shackle make this a great straightforward luggage lock.



Go Travel TSA Locks

5) Go Travel Combi Cable Locks x2: £10

This robust lock from travel accessory experts Go Travel comes in a handy twin pack which is great because most travel packs have two sections that need locking up. At £10 that’s only £5 per lock which is great value considering the quality on offer. The long and flexible shanks mean it will be able to secure all manner of zip combinations and the solid zinc body feels strong and secure. However this does up the weight to 124g per lock. You can choose your own combination codes which can be easily changed when needed.

We only knocked a point off because it comes in a fixed colourway of silver and metallic blue which we feel won’t be to everyone’s tastes.


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