Lifeventure Tritan Water Bottle

Tritan Bottle

The Lifeventure Tritan bottle is a thoroughly durable water bottle with a great tactile feel. It’s really easy to fill and wash and there is a colour for everyone.

Lifeventure Tritan Bottle Verdict
  • 9.5/10
    Durability - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Value for Money - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Features - 8/10


My Lifeventure bottle is used daily and is still only showing mimimal signs of wear and tear. It’s robust, practical and stylish and even the few niggles I have wouldn’t stop me buying another.


  • BPA free Tritan co-polyester bottle with a rubberised coating for added grip
  • 650ml capacity with wide opening lid and carry strap
  • Taint resistant material which does not retain tastes or odours
  • Duke of Edinburgh Recommended Award
  • Flip top sipper with air hole to increase flow

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 220mm | 650ml
Weight: 126g
Construction: Impact resistant Tritan Co-polyester


  • Large opening making it easy to fill, wash and put ice cubes in if needed
  • The rubberised outer coating feels great and makes it easier to grip when wet
  • Four great colours to choose from
  • Large capacity but still easily fits inside pack bottle pockets


  • Strap isn’t removable and so gets soaked when washing out
  • Have found bottle to occasionally taste of soap after washing
  • Hand wash or damage can occur to coating and lid

RRP £9.99

Lifeventure are well known for their popular thermal mugs but they also have a wide range of bottles available for cold drinks. The Tritan water bottle has been in their range for a good few years now and so I thought it was time to give our review.

Constructed from a strong Tritan co-polyester, the bottle also has a matt rubberised coating which does help with grip. A handy seat of measurement lines are printed on the side which is great if you are in a hostel and need some help with measuring out water or milk for cooking. A small air hole above the main drinking spout stops the glugging you get from other bottles.

I actually have four of these bottles (one of each colour) and the whole family use them daily for drinks both at work and when heading off travelling. After three years of continued use there are no real signs of any wear and tear. Other reviews mention that the rubber ball which seals the air hole on the lid can be lost but these hasn’t happened to any of my bottles. The bottle is constructed from Tritan which is meant to minimise any odours or tastes from tainting the bottle. Although I sometimes use cordial this hasn’t tainted the bottle as advertised. However it does on occasion seem to retain a soapy taste after washing out.

I love the fact that the lid screws off easily and exposes a large opening which means it’s easy to get inside and give it a good clean but also means I can pop some ice cubes in there on a hot day. One small annoyance is the fact that the woven carry strap can’t be removed so this gets soaked when you wash the bottle out and can then wet your things if you put it inside your bag. However the strap is great for securing the bottle to the outside of my pack as I usually pass a compression strap through it and clip on when storing in the mesh bottle pockets. I’ve never had a leak of a bottle when carrying inside my pack which i don’t think I can say for any other water bottle I’ve owned. All in all this is a solid piece of essential kit I would recommend.

Lifeventure Flip Top Water Bottle

New to the Lifeventure range is this flip top version of the Tritan bottle which has a 750 ml capacity and has a finger loop on the lid rather than carrying strap. Also has great orange and teal colourways.

Water-to-Go 500ml Bottle

Although this bottle only has a smaller 500ml capacity it houses an advanced water filter that eliminates up to  99.9999% of all bacteria & viruses and lasts for 2 months.

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