Pacsafe Travelsafe X15 Portable Safe Review

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One of the largest models in Pacsafe’s portable safe range, the X15 is designed to secure accessories and laptops up to 15″ in size. The addition of a shoulder strap and handles makes it a viable option as carry on luggage.

Pacsafe X15 Verdict
  • 7/10
    Features - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Price - 6/10
  • 10/10
    Durability - 10/10


If I had to leave my laptop in a room for extended amounts of time a safe like this would definitely put my mind at rest. Especially if I could find something secure to fix it to that was also well hidden. Of course you could just rely on travel insurance but sometimes the most valuable things are the documents and images saved on your gear which can be quite simply priceless.


  • Slashproof mesh bag with nylon coating and soft inner
  • Steel cable secures travelsafe to a fixed object such as water pipes or bed frame
  • TSA combination padlock included to secure and lock safe
  • Includes carry handles and shoulder strap for carrying through airport etc

Dimensions: 38 x 24 x 16 cm
Weight: 0.7kg
Construction: 210D Nylon double ripstop (main material) Brushed polyester laminated with EVA (lining)


  • Nice addition of handles and optional shoulder strap allow you to use as carry on
  • Robust TSA lock included worth £10
  • Soft touch inner to protect electronics from damage
  • Quick and easy to secure when needed


  • Expensive option for securing valuables vs Insurance or hiring a safe in hotel
  • Bulkiness would make it difficult and space consuming to use inside another pack
  • Harder to hide unlike the smaller models in the range

RRP £99

Pacsafe are a company born out of the need to secure your gear whilst travelling and over the years they range has grown exponentially from a single mesh protector to a dazzling array of packs, wallets and accessories. Their travelsafe has been in the range for a number of years but more recently has been expanded to include different capacities and features to cater for the different valuables travellers now take on their travels.

How Secure is it?

Essentially the portable safe is a steel wire mesh bag which is covered on the outside by a robust nylon and a soft polyester liner on the inner. You put your valuables inside, tighten the top closed and then secure it to something solid like a bedframe or pipework. The weakest point it probably the steel cable is once this is cut the bag top can be loosened, without attacking the main section, and valuables removed.

Bolt cutters would make light work of the cable but you have to question why an opportunistic thief would have such a specialist item on them. This safe is all about stopping the untrustworthy cleaner or fellow traveller and even with a knife or other small tools you wouldn’t be able to make it into this safe.

When the original travelsafe came out you could see one of the main security features was its compact size which meant you could hide it under the bed or in a bathroom as your first line of defence. The X15 is probably too big to do this successfully and one of its disadvantages vs the smaller models such as the Pacsafe 3l GII.

How To Secure the Travel Safe

1) Tighten cable to metal knob & wrap excess around a fixed object
2) Insert padlock through hole next to the metal knob & also through eyelet at end of cable
3) Secured in place around a bedframe. Now hide under pillow.

What Can it Hold?

I tried my 13″ Surface Book inside and it fitted with plenty of room to spare. In fact I think you could probably have easily fitted three in there! So there is easily room for a laptop, tablet, travel wallet and more. Due to the sizing you could consider using it as your carry on to ensure your valuables never left your side. There would be room to add a book and other bits and bobs without problem. For the ultimate in paranoia you could then fix it to your airline seat!

X15 with a 13″ Microsoft Surface Book
plenty of space inside even with the laptop

Alternatives & Conclusion

Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII

A smaller and cheaper safe from Pacsafe that more suited to tablets and ipads. Handles but no shoulder strap.

Pacsafe 3L GII Portable Safe

The smallest travel safe in the range which is aimed at securing your passport, travel documents and cash. The small size means its easy to hide in a room

Travelsafe X25 Anti-Theft Portable Safe

A whopper of a travel safe with a 25 litre capacity. Good for groups or someone who really needs to get a good insurance policy!

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